Comp & Soft Internet Small Business Solutions

Comp & Soft Internet business access is designed to give cost-effective, High-speed Internet accesses to small offices and home offices. Unlike dial-up Connections that do not stay continuously connected or are subject to heavy Metering charges, our service provides a high value alternative to full T1 leased Lines. This service is ideal for businesses looking to provide high performance, Internet client access for their employees - e-mail, web browsing, FTP, etc.

High Performance Architecture

Comp & Soft 's entire infrastructure has been designed to eliminate the inherent Bottleneck performance problems of the Internet. Comp & Soft has designed a Network of intelligent servers that keep local traffic local so it is instantly Accessible. This innovative design enables Comp & Soft to minimize load on our Network backbone and provides extraordinary bandwidth for all users. Fully Meshed, ATM Based Scaleable OC3 (155Mbps) Network

Comp & Soft has designed a network specifically for high volume communications. Since it is fully meshed, all traffic has multiple paths it can take to its destination. The network utilizes a flexible ATM infrastructure that can easily be upgraded as Our customers' needs require.


Transmission Type

Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) provides "always on" access over the existing cable infrastructure, freeing the customer from the need to dial up.


Up to 10Mbps upstream (outbound)
Up to 10Mbps downstream (inbound)
Based on Bay Networks LCp cable modem
End-To-End Management
Every Comp & Soft connection is proactively monitored at our Network operations Center (NOC). Once installation is complete, you'll have what you need to start using the Internet immediately. We'll manage your Internet connection so you'll be able to spend more time managing your business, not your connectivity.


The Comp & Soft Network

As a "Tier 1" provider, Comp & Soft "peers" directly with the rest of the Internet at several Network Access Points (NAP's) including MAE East, MAE West, Sprint NAP, and PAIX (Palo Alto Internet Exchange). This ensures that your traffic will take the shortest and most efficient route to its destination.

Unparalleled Service

Protect your communications lifeline by utilizing one of the most comprehensive and responsive support systems in the industry. Backed by AT&T's reputation for reliable and prompt service, Comp & Soft is available to assist you with any of your communications needs.

Toll-Free 24 x 7 Support

Our specialized staff of customer service representatives including Tier 1, Tier 2, and Network Operations Center (NOC), administrators are available anytime day or night to assist you.


Primary and Secondary DNS and Domain Name Registration

Comp & Soft will take care of all paperwork and administration of your domain name with the InterNIC. As an option, Comp & Soft will administer primary and secondary Domain Name Service for you.

Router Configuring, Installation, and Maintenance

Comp & Soft 's staff of Installation Engineers act as your agent to ensure that your connection is installed correctly and efficiently. Comp & Soft is your single point of contact for your Internet and communications needs.


The Comp & Soft router will help secure your network from unauthorized access. By utilizing the Network Address Translation (NAT) technology, the Comp & Soft router acts as a cost effective, reliable FIREWALL.


Equipment and Service Provided

State-of-the-art cable modem (1)
Cisco 1605R router (1)
14.4 USR Sportster modem (for troubleshooting and configuration) (optional)
Consolidated Billing - Simplify your record keeping by paying one bill for all of your Internet
communications. Eliminate wasted effort and potential confusion by consolidating all of your services onto one predictable, easy to read bill.
Complete high performance, "end to end" solutions for small offices
One POPmail account for each seat hat becomes Internet enabled
One NNTP newsreader access for each seat that becomes Internet enabled
Domain Name Registration
Primary and secondary DNS
ALL hardware necessary to connect your LAN the Internet
High Performance, Fully Meshed ATM Backbone (Comp & Soft is a Tier 1 service provider)
Toll Free Network Operations Support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
One local IP address for each seat that becomes Internet enabled
Up to 10Mbps upstream (outbound) and 10Mbps downstream (inbound) based on Bay Networks LCp cable modem